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Golden Palms Films is a premium Moroccan Films Production services company based in Marrakech with suboffices all over Morocco.

Founded a decade ago by Mr. Marrakesh a Moroccan Businessman educated in the United States where he acquired a deep knowledge and expertise in the international entertainment and hospitality industries and established a great connection to the world elite circles and celebrities.

Golden Palms Films is run by a permanent diverse friendly team composed of local and international production experts based in Marrakesh: 2 line producers, 2 Directors, 1 production assistant, 1 Location manager, 1 Casting manager, 1 Production Manager, 1 Art director, 1 Transport Captain, 1 IT engineer, as well as many assistants per department with an extensive experience in the Hollywood, Bollywood as well as the European film industry that took place in Morocco for the last two decades.

Filming in Morocco do not only require to hire a shoot company; but a trustworthy team that make things happen the most efficient way saving budget and time for the benefit of every client while respecting the international film ethics and values; that’s why at Golden Palms Films we can guaranty that every film project will experience the best of what Morocco has to offer.

Golden Palms Films have a respectful business reputation and work relations with Morocco government and film authorities – officials which makes our job easy to accomplish respecting all the deadlines and foreign production needs in real-time.

Morocco Film Production Services


After a technical site inspection and once the script details are finalized Every film budget is made transparently and cautiously by our production accountant including all the services agreed on (no hidden costs). Extra services might be added once a written request and agreement from the foreign film company to the line producer is made officially.

The budget is always based the weeks of prep, shooting and post production services.

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Location Sourcing

Golden Palms Films location department have an exclusive inhouse database of available up to date film locations (over 18 years of scout photography) for your all feature film, commercial, documentary, tv reality show or photo shoots needs.

Morocco in one of the most unique film locations in the world for filmmakers, as the country is only 9 Miles below Spain and located in the top north west Africa with a Mediterranean and Atlantic coast length of 3500 Km, natural landscapes and textures: sand – rock deserts – Sahara, canyons, forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, beaches by deserts, forests, rocky mountains, all that makes it a colorful unique hub for any film needs in one spot that has the longest sun shinny days all over the year.

Around Morocco there are an infinite selection of modern, colonial and medieval architectures that dates from the 3rd century to the futuristics buildings that represent the people and the cultures who lived in that land.

Any city can have the pattern of palaces, building, kasbah, offices, houses, downtowns, villages, souks, medina, palm groove, gardens, historic sites & monuments, old – new airports, military bases, prisons, hospitals, highways, curvy mountains roads, golf courses… and of course many film studios-built sets that can be used with their existing film decors or wares houses that can be used as private studios.

Conclusion any tv production or series shoot needs can finds its perfect filming shell in Morocco.


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Production crew

Our head of departments have been working closely with the world leading producers, directors from Hollywood, Europe and Bollywood that’s why we have a solid solution for any film crew and technicians’ requirements and size.

All our film technicians are licensed from the Moroccan Center of Cinematography, speak minimum 3 languages and have at least 10 years’ experience in the international film industry that took place in morocco.


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Casting & Talent

Our casting department have a data base that can covers all your talents, models and actors needs from any age or look.

Morocco is the only country in Africa and middle east that have a wide diversity casting with a long expertise in the international film production

Morocco residents looks and appearances changes from region to another so you will have middle eastern looking casts – white – black – Latin – metisse all Moroccans, as well as big choice of internationals community living in morocco and work in the film industry: African, European, Asian…

Our casting director work closely with film director or producer suggest ideal artists and covering all matters related to interview, auditions, contracting.


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Either your film requires a horse, car, motorcycle stunt or a double stunt we can provide you with the right stunt for the assigned task.


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Hair & make up

Whether you looking for a professional hair & make-up artist or simply assistants, we can hire you any small or big team for your feature film, commercial, or documentary needs.

Hair and make-up trucks and well as products are available on demand.


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Film shoot permit

Filming in Morocco necessitate an official film permit delivered by the CCM: Moroccan Centre for Cinematography.

In order to obtain a permit, the international film production company must hire a local production company. Once both companies sign the accreditation letter a film permit can be issued.

Some extra licenses are necessary for special locations shoot such as museums, governments buildings, military equipment use, airports, highways, drone use, shipping material…

but can be obtained upon request.

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Our legal department would assist you and advise you getting an insurance policy from the international insurance firms headquartered in Marrakech and Casablanca.

All film production projects taking place in Morocco shall be covered by a local liability insurance. Foreign insurance can be added to supplement the Moroccan one.

All local film crew must be insured by worker’s compensation protection by Golden Palms Films, foreign crew shall be covered by the international production company.


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Visa & Travel services

Normally most of the European countries as well as USA and Canadian citizens film crew don’t need a work permit or visa to work in Morocco however their stay must not exceed 90 days but if they do a special immigration procedure must applied.

Nationals of some countries who require a visa for Morocco will be automatically assisted by the production assistant to gather all necessary document to obtain a valid visa.

All passports must be valid 6 months from trip day in order to enter the country.


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Morocco is a very welcoming friendly country and its economy is mainly based on tourism, there are a large selection of international and local hotel brands as well as private guests’ houses for every budget and the city.

At Golden Palms Films we have a travel agent that works around the clock to make the essential travel arrangement for film crew and casts.

As our sister company Golden Palms Trip is Moroccan official licensed travel agency, we guaranty you Morocco hotels most competitive rates and deals besides flexibility to use their facilities: offices – conference centers – spa …free of charge.


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Freight Solutions & custom clearance

International film productions crew are allowed to bring or ship their own film equipment and material through sea, land and air borders with a valid ATA carnet joined with the Moroccan film permit delivered from the CCM. (non-consumables items need a special license and duties shall be paid for them)

Our broker agents will assist the entry or export of your materials and film equipment to Morocco through:


from major International Airports: Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Agadir, Marrakech for CARGO


through Ports: Casablanca for containers


Tangier Med or Tangier downtown for trucks and other vehicles crossing the strait of Gibraltar from Europe (Algeciras or Tarifa/ Spain)

In order to bring or transport Hazardous material in and around Morocco a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) is required and sometimes an extra special authorization depending on the nature of the product.


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Health & Safety

Our in-house health and safety director (former Army Colonel emergency doctor) and his team have a long experience in handling health and safety threats in addition to risks in any work place or environment.

They work around the clock ensure the well-being of all film crew on the set – studio – hotels and all over the country from their arrival until their departure.

Post production – during shoot: our Physician can assist any crew who have health issues and maybe need follow up in local clinics while working in morocco; in addition, they make the liaison with the base camp caterer chefs or hotels chefs for food allergies requirements per crew member.

Conclusion we have a great team of professionals that can covers all safety matters from first aid to set and food supervision warranting the film project is legally compliant with all health and security regulation.

Our health & safety department can adapt and work in collaboration with any international insurance requirements or their agents directedly on ground in order to accomplish any film project the safest way possible.

Our department is combined of various team: (former police special agents, film set emergency doctor, film nurses, catering hygiene supervisor even local official government cops for celebrities’ protection if needed)

For Covid-19 Measures the Moroccan Centre for Cinematography have put in place new regulations while shooting in morocco – please visit the link: COVID-19-mesures


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Film Shoot Equipment

Our production manager put at your disposal several film and television professional suppliers for any digital or motion picture equipment: cameras, lenses, filters, grips, sound, monitors, lighting, drones…


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Art Department

Golden Palms Films art director have a background of 26 years’ experience in designing most of the foreign feature films and series sets all over Morocco and internationally.

We put at your disposal a Seamless construction and decoration team that respect the deadlines and budgets.


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Golden Palms Films transport captain and his assistants can manage any film transport logistics and size (different film units, locations: base camps, hotels, airports, sets…. 24/7)

We have the experience to move more than 600 crew and casts per day for more than a month.

Our transport department provide the following services:


Helicopter or private jet hire.

Airport VIP assisted fast truck & transfers with private driver or van for groups.

Hotel – base camp – set – hotel – night time restaurants transfer

Equipment truck – trailers truck – cranes – Honey wagon truck – casts trailers – hair and make-up trailers – production office trailers – wardrobe trailers – kitchen trailer – buses – mini vans – VIP chauffeured vehicles – ATV – medical unit for city or remote areas – hot air balloon.

All necessary action vehicle hires.


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Action vehicle

Our Picture Car department provide full range of action vehicles to film, television and commercial production taking place in Marrakech or all over Morocco.

Our action vehicle department coordinator and his team have a deep knowledge of any production needs and necessities.

The picture car team is composed of film crew professionals who can manage any fleet coordination, mechanics and operations, starting from hiring vehicles and preparing them for your set with any requirement that might be suggested (glass replacement for stunts scene…) to styling or tuning them at your requests (including military equipment).


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Military Equipment Rental

If your script requires a military equipment of any scale or number such as:

combat vehicles, helicopters, fighter jets, boats… our production agents can get it for you by applying for a special permit to rent all the available equipment from the Moroccan royal armed forces.

Our team can also assist you to import or export all film necessary fire arms, knives, and ammunition through a special process supervised the local authorities full time once the special military permit is obtained.

Foreign shipping broker must have a permit to send weapons to Morocco.


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As Morocco is known for its hospitality and the diversity of bio sea and land products that why our catering department can guaranty daily food and beverages satisfaction to any need or taste of all film crew from morning until late night if necessary.

Our Chefs are flexible and would always prepare special meals for any film crew who might have food allergies or restrictions.

Depend on the size of the project but normally use food truck as kitchens for small projects with medium size tents, but for big productions we set up full equipped marquee of any size supervised full time by a professional food and beverages managers around the clock making sure that food and location health and safety measures are respected.


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Animal Department

Providing animals for films shoot must occur within international protocols for animals’ health and safety; that’s why our animal department work only with a partner company that provides animals safe use in filmed media assisted full time by veterinary if necessary.

Available animals: horses, camels, dogs, cats + a Private zoo.


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Concierge service

Our onsite production travel and concierge agents would handle all special requests for the film celebrities discreetly, same for film crew, providing the best recommendations in Marrakech or Morocco; from local and international cuisine experience or special tours booking in addition to spa and well-being activities, shopping, and many more surprises.


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Studio Rental

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Morocco Film Locations Videos

Some of the Best Films Locations Around Different regions in the kingdom of Morocco.

1. Morocco Cities

Morocco Aerial scout: imperial cities, as well as old medinas-Medieval historical cities.

2. Morocco Landscapes

Discover Morocco Extraordinary Divers landscapes: Sahara, Desert, Valleys, Kasbahs, Mountains, Berber Villages…

3. Morocco Beaches

Morocco hidden beaches and coastal town overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

4. Morocco Lakes

Lake and dams around Morocco: High-Middle Atlas Mountains, Saiss Valley and Desert…

5. Morocco Ports

A selection of Morocco modern and old traditional ports in different cities.

6. Morocco Film Studio

Aerial Footage of film studio city.

Morocco Film Locations Photos

















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Reda AKAABOUNE AKA Mr. Marrakech

Founder, Managing Director & Producer

Catching the best moments of motion picture requires a deep knowledge, expertise and love for the cinematography lifestyle.

As the managing director of Golden Palms Films, I put at your disposal all the experiences that I acquired through the years in the five continents from education in the USA, through events, travel & film industry expertise as well as our private connections to circles of decision makers who makes things happen in the real states of the art way.

We as a team have the ability to serve and build any project from scratch until delivery respecting the international standards for film industry.

Welcome to the kingdom of Morocco where work magic happens combined with fun moments.

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