Our Company offer 360° Film Production and location services all around Morocco from the nothern mediterranean coast to the atlantic sea passing by the atlas mountains, forest and the limitless southern desert.

Casting & Talent

Our casting department have a data base that can covers all your talents, models and actors needs from any age or look.
Morocco is the only country in Africa and middle east that have a wide diversity casting with a long expertise in the international film production.
Morocco residents looks and appearances changes from region to another so you will have middle eastern looking casts - white – black - latin – metisse all Moroccans, as well as big choice of internationals community living in morocco and work in the film industry: African, European, Asian…
Our casting director work closely with the film director or producer to suggest ideal artists and covering all matters related to interview, auditions, contracting.
Working time per day is 10 hours/ 6 days a week excluding travel and meal time.

Our Film Crew Credits (Morocco Unit)

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