Our Company offer 360° Film Production and location services all around Morocco from the nothern mediterranean coast to the atlantic sea passing by the atlas mountains, forest and the limitless southern desert.

Location Sourcing

Golden Palms Films location department have an exclusive inhouse database of available up to date film locations (over 18 years of scout photography) for your all feature film, commercial, documentary, television series, tv reality show or photo shoots needs.
Our Location manager have a local filming knowledge and the right connections to secure you accessible shooting low-priced locations with short travel time all over Morocco: From busy downtowns to entire villages – old medieval towns or the infinite Sahara landscape.
Morocco in one of the most diverse and unique shoot location in the world for filmmakers.
As the country is only 9 Miles below Spain and located in the top north west Africa with a Mediterranean and Atlantic coast length of 3500 Km, natural panoramas and textures: Sand – rock deserts - Sahara, canyons, forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, beaches by deserts, forests, rocky mountains, all of that makes it a colorful exceptional hub for any cinematography needs necessities in one spot that has the longest sun shinny days all over the year.
Around Morocco there are an infinite selections of modern, colonial and medieval architectures that dates from the 3rd century to the futuristics constructions that symbolize the people and the cultures who lived in that land.
Almost all cities have a mix of sites: palaces, building, kasbah, offices, houses, downtowns, villages, souks, medina, palm groove, gardens, historic sites & monuments, old - new airports, military bases, prisons, hospitals, highways, beach roads, off road, curvy mountains roads, golf courses… and of course a selection of film studios built sets from pervious movies that can be used within their existing decors or wares houses that can be used as private studios.
Conclusion any TVC production or series shoot needs can finds its perfect filming shell in Morocco.

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