Our Company offer 360° Film Production and location services all around Morocco from the nothern mediterranean coast to the atlantic sea passing by the atlas mountains, forest and the limitless southern desert.

Health & safety

Our in-house health and safety director (former Army Colonel emergency doctor) and his team have a long experience in handling health and safety threats in addition to risks in any work place or environment.
They work around the clock ensuring the well-being of all film crew on the set – studio – hotels and all over the country from their arrival until their departure.
Post production - during shoot : our Physician can assist any crew who have health issues and maybe need follow up in local clinics while working in morocco; in addition, they make the liaison with the base camp caterer chefs or hotels chefs for food allergies requirements per crew member.
Our health & safety department can adapt and work in collaboration with any international insurance requirements or their agents directedly on the ground in order to accomplish any film project the safest way possible.
Our department is combined of various team: (former police special agents, film set emergency doctor, film nurses, catering hygiene supervisor even local official government cops for celebrities’ protection if needed), conclusion we have a great team of professionals that can covers all safety matters from first aid to set and food supervision warranting the film project is legally compliant with all health and security regulation.

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