Our Company offer 360° Film Production and location services all around Morocco from the nothern mediterranean coast to the atlantic sea passing by the atlas mountains, forest and the limitless southern desert.

Onsite catering

As Morocco is known for its hospitality and the diversity of bio sea and land products that’s why our catering department can guaranty daily food and beverages satisfaction to any need or taste of all film crew from morning until late night if necessary.
Our Chefs are flexible and would always prepare special meals for any film crew who might have food allergies or restrictions.
Depend on the size of the project, we normally use food truck as kitchens for small projects with medium size tents, but for big productions we set up full equipped marquee of any size supervised full time by a professional food and hygiene managers making sure that all necessary food health and safety measures are respected.

Our Film Crew Credits (Morocco Unit)

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